Overview of functions

Premium Road Map

With the Premium Road Map you get quality-tested map material from the manufacturer Navteq for 18 countries in Europe.

The road maps are designed specifically for racing cyclists and offer comprehensive map coverage. This means you can find even the smallest road pass.


Basic Map plus

The Basic Map Plus is an OpenStreetMap / OpenCycleMap prepared specifically for our products.

It is completely routable including the destination entry function and thus considerably enhances the coverage of your outdoor navigation device.

We offer the Basic Maps Plus for these 20 countries in Europe:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Spain, Croatia, France, Monaco, Andorra, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Gibraltar.

You can of course also follow or plan a route crossing from a Premium Outdoor Map to a Basic Map Plus.

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Basic Outdoor POIs

Our Basic Outdoor POIs provide you with information about more than 1.3 million points of interest in 20 countries in Europe incl. special Outdoor POIs from KOMPASS such as summit crosses or lift stat

They range from campsites, bike shops and overnight accommodation through to key places of interest, shopping markets, museums and restaurants.


Precise and simple

Complicated is a thing of the past! The sat navs from Falk Outdoor are extremely easy to use.

You see all of the key information at a glance and the spoken announcements tell you exactly where to go. Enjoy your tour and don't waste any time searching for the right route.


My Circuit

Sounds familiar? Beautiful weather, 2 hours of free time, a bike or hiking boots at the ready - you just don't know where to go?

Would you ideally like to return to your starting point? Would you like to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your circuit? - With our new function "My circuit" we always suggest the suitable circuit including altitude profile for you - adapted to reflect your set profile! Whether you are on a bike or on foot, after a sporty or simple experience, we will find a suitable route for you! With the real-time altitude profile you will also know exactly what to expect next and how you should conserve all your energy.


Bearing Compass

With the bearing compass you can find your way to the cache even more easily.

When you arrive at the cache, our clearly displayed compass needle will help you to work out where the next cache has been hidden.


My route

The Falk Premium Outdoor map tells you how to get to your destination. But LUX also helps you to get to the destination your way!

By bike or on foot, as an athlete on a route that challenges you or sedately via paths that are as flat as possible. Do you want to travel on cycle paths or proper roads? - Lots of routes lead to your destination, LUX finds the one that is right for you!


Multi Flow Menu

With the Multi-Flow Menu you can flip back and forth between the 3 main applications of your PANTERA incredibly easily.

You can quickly access the My training computer, Navigation or Trip computer functions.


Real-time altitude profile

With the real-time altitude profile we always show you what to expect next.

This means you can conserve all your energy perfectly and you know how far it is to the summit or mountain pass!
Even if you happen to take a wrong turn - we constantly show you in real time what altitude profile lies ahead of you!



We guide you on your route to your destination, even away from the road and path network - including constant spoken announcements or beep navigation at junctions!

Tracks downloaded from well-known internet platforms such as GPSies.com offer a large number of tracks which you can navigate along with our outdoor navigation devices. With iGPX we are now making this even easier and more straightforward! For each track which you play on your device, you consistently get spoken announcements or beep instructions at junctions - even if the track runs on routes that do not exist in the map material. With the real-time altitude profile you will also know exactly what to expect next and how you should conserve all your energy.


Advanced GPX track navigation

This intelligent function checks whether your GPX track (e.g. from the internet) runs on routes on the Falk Outdoor Premium map.

If they match, you are then given visual and audible turn-off instructions at junctions - telling you which way to go. Information such as the distance or time to the end of the track is also available to you at any time.


Paperless geocaching

Geocaching is a modern treasure hunt using a GPS device (also used to be known as a "paperchase").

On the internet you will find in the largest geocaching community "Geocaching.com" over 1.75 million hidden caches worldwide (correct as of June 2012, number increasing rapidly) with tips on where to find them. With the LUX you can transfer your geocaches directly to the device, including all tips and the comments from other geocachers - paperless without needing to print anything out. This turns any Sunday walk into an exciting experience.

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Track recording

You go your own way, sometimes on roads, sometimes cross-country. The track recording documents all the details of the route you have taken.

This means that you can retrace the same route whenever you want, find your way back or share the route with others. With our PC tool Falk Navi-Manager you can have another look at your tour on your PC when you get home. This includes showing the route on the map, an altitude diagram and a speed profile.


Peakhunter Application

Access a database of over 40,000 peaks and enter them in your virtual peak book on the device.

Log into the world's largest peak book platform and see how many peaks your friends have collected. With a click you can share your peak tours in the social networks.


Trip computer

Do you want to know how fast you were, how many metres you climbed and how far you travelled? The trip computer records this and lots of other information for you.

Altitude, difference in altitude, air pressure, incline, lunar phases, bearing, route covered, average speed and lots more.


Bus & Train

If the tour has lasted too long, you have encountered rain or you simply have no desire or energy to return to your starting point, simply make use of local public transport.

The Falk navigation devices save you the hassle of having to search for stops, timetables or departure times. More than 60 cities with a detailed route network for local public transport and the national rail network in Germany, Austria and Switzerland are stored on your navigation device.
It's this simple: Enter your destination in the navigation device. The device will calculate the nearest stop to your current location. Once you get there, the navigation device will show you clearly which bus or train you need to catch. Your device will also tell you the number of stops until you need to get off and the name of the stop at which you should get off. Any changes required are also shown clearly.


Route planner

Calculation of different routes as alternatives between the starting point and destination. You can choose from up to two alternatives - taking account of the altitude profiles.


Bearing navigation

Your sat nav won't let you down even when you are going cross-country because the bearing navigation guides you to any destination.

The directional arrow always points directly towards the destination that has been entered and so steers you in the right direction even when you are away from defined paths.


Geo-coordinate entry

Not every destination has a name, but every location has geo-coordinates.

The Falk Outdoor navigation devices support the degrees and decimal formats as well as coordinates from printed maps with a Gauß-Krüger or UTM grid. Thanks to the geo-coordinates, you can get to any destination.


Car street map

A bike ride or hiking trip frequently starts with a car journey. The IBEX Cross also shows you where to go in the car.

With preinstalled maps for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This means you don't need a second navigation device.


Pass summits

Access a unique database of over 3,700 pass summits for Europe

and also get the 25 top Alpine passes including unique photographs for your Falk Outdoor GPS, including classics such as the Furka Pass, Mont Ventoux, St. Gotthard Pass, Brenner Pass and last but not least the Stelvio Pass.


My training computer

The "My training computer" function is ideally suited for you if you are an ambitious sporty cyclist who wants to train healthily and effectively.

Here you have a precise overview of your pulse, your speed and cadence.


Training Manager

Evaluate your data conveniently and comprehensively in the new Falk Training Manager.

Display curves to show your performance and find out how many metres you climbed, or what your speed curve or your heart rate curve looks like. Also find out how many calories you burned. With just one click, you can share your training sessions on the social networks Facebook
or Twitter.


Different bicycle profiles

Do you use several bicycles, or would you like to lend your PANTERA to your friends or relatives so that they can train?

Not a problem – you can create up to 3 different bicycle profiles.


ANT+TM Functionality

Would you like to have a precise overview of your sporting activity and then be able to evaluate it?

Then make use of the ANT+TM functionality of your PANTERA and monitor your speed and cadence as well as your current heart rate. This means you can perform and evaluate your training runs even more effectively.

Visit thisisant.com for a list of compatible products.


ANT+ TM Components

Monitor your speed and cadence as well as your current heart rate using the supplied sensors.




Track & Waypoint Manager

Manage, save, select and navigate to all tracks and waypoints in a clear way or share them with friends. Recording of your own route that you have travelled along.




Routing with audible and visual commands

Spoken announcements or hints in the form of beeps when making turns in pedestrian and bicycle mode.


ADFC Biketours

Receive 30 ADFC tours with a length of over 200 km for your Falk outdoor navigation device.

The tours offer an extensive range of high quality tours in Germany, for example, at the Berlin Wall, in the Bavarian Forest or on the cycle route Hamburg - Bremen.


Bicycle Profiles

Do you use several bicycles or would you like to lend your GPS to your friends or relatives?

Not a problem – you can create up to three different bicycle profiles.


Drag and Drop Route

Creating your personalised route is as easy as child's play!

With the "Drag and drop route" function you can click and drag to put together your own favourite tour quickly and easily. Simply use your finger to pick up the calculated route and move it to a point which you would very much like to visit. Let go of the route and we will adapt the route to the route network for you.





My Time Trial

Set your timed routes and compete against your best times. Track your progress and set yourself new targets.

On the altitude profile, while you are riding you constantly see in real time the comparison with your last training session. Your best attempt competes with you for the best time and is constantly by your side as a ghost rider. Compete against your friends' timed routes and post the best times or create a mountain time trial with the aid of the database of passes from QuälDich.de which is included.

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Alternative routes

Choose from 3 different routes the one that suits you best, including the display of the respective altitude profile!

Do you not like the suggested route to your destination? No problem - with our alternative routes you can find the route that suits you best - including the display of the altitude profile. You can choose your favourite from up to 3 different alternatives.


Travel Guide

Points of interest, hotels, cafés – your outdoor navigation device becomes a multimedia travel guide when you visit cities.

With information on hundreds of thousands of points of interest and with MARCO POLO Insider Tips from the renowned travel guides, you can explore many major cities in Europe. With the travel guide you can also create your own travel tips, rate them and share them with the Falk Community. This ensures you always have the best travel tips on your outdoor navigation device.