Baros GmbH, the manufacturer of navigation equipment with a rich tradition, offers high-quality outdoor navigation for those who enjoy leisure sports. The success story began back in October 2010 with the multi-award-winning Falk IBEX, the first navigation device from Unied Navigation GmbH that was developed specifically for use in the great outdoors. The range has been steadily expanded ever since and it now offers navigation devices aimed at mountain bikers, racing bikers, hikers, walkers, recreational cyclists and geocachers.

For over 50 years now, Falk has been the brand with the highest profile in the cartography sector and it is synonymous with the very best orientation. It is no surprise then that the Falk outdoor navigation devices win people over by providing the best maps. The highlight is the Falk Outdoor Map, a fully routable map for the leisure sector which not only shows your location at all times but also determines the route to your destination – just as easily as with car navigation. And it also includes the network of cycle paths, dirt tracks and hiking trails.

The Baros GmbH outdoor navigation devices are developed specifically for use outdoors.
Lots of useful functions such as the GPX track navigation and the trip computer as well as a robust and water-proof housing make the devices the ideal companion for any sporty leisure pursuits.

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