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Your way outdoors

With the Falk Outdoor Navigator your smartphone is transformed into a personal guide when you are out and about in the countryside, whether you are hiking, cycling, mountain biking or climbing mountains. The Falk Outdoor Navigator ensures that you know where you are at all times on all of your excursions.

You can access offline maps for many different European countries with a vast route network which covers not just forest tracks, hiking trails and cycle paths over a wide area, but does of course also include the normal roads. In addition, you get access to several hundred thousand outdoor points of interest (POIs).


Simple and intuitive

The app shows you everything you need to know at a glance in a convenient and clear way. Large buttons and a clear layout help you to get your bearings – the map and the live altitude profile are always on display.

Audiovisual route guidance

The Navigator shows you in a convenient way where your destination is and how to get there – this is just as easy as a car sat nav, without the hassle of entering destinations and any pre-planning.

Navigate offline

Once the corresponding countries have been installed, you no longer require any internet connection. The Falk Outdoor Navigator app guides you in comfort in offline mode through the regions of your choice.

Profile selection

You decide : Whether by bike, on foot or purely for orientation – just tune in the favorite profile and get started!
Each activity profile brings with different settings that lead you in various ways to the destination.
Road bikers prefer for example only road surfaces in your tours while when you are on the way with a mountain bike you will ride on forest trails.
Or you’re on foot – we installed the trails that lead you through the countryside

Altitude profile

With the real-time altitude profile we always show you what to expect next. This means you can conserve all your energy perfectly and you know how far it is to the summit or mountain pass!
Even if you happen to take a wrong turn – we constantly show you in real time what altitude profile lies ahead of you!

Alternative Routes

Choose from 3 different routes the one that suits you best, including the display of the respective altitude profile!
Do you not like the suggested route to your destination? No problem – with our alternative routes you can find the route that suits you best – including the display of the altitude profile. You can choose your favourite from up to 3 different alternatives. With that you always discover new ways to your destination!*

* Feature available after purchasing a map region.

My Circuit

Sound familiar? Beautiful weather, 2 hours of free time, a bike or hiking boots at the ready – you just don’t know where to go? Would you ideally like to return to your starting point? Would you like to avoid any unpleasant surprises on your circuit? – With our new function “My circuit” we always suggest the suitable circuit including altitude profile for you – adapted to reflect your set profile! Whether you are on a bike or on foot, after a sporty or simple experience, we will find a suitable route for you! With the real-time altitude profile you will also know exactly what to expect next and how you should conserve all your energy.*

* Feature available after purchasing a map region.

New features in 2019:
• Onlinesearch
• Address input with Speech Recognition (Google)
• Movement recognition (on/off)
• Display current and previous next street (on/off)
• Bluetooth (Speed/Cadence & Heart Rate)
• Recording of heart rate in track, graphical display of heart rate in track Details
• Heart Rate Zone and Training Alarm
• New trip computer values: air pressure, heart rate, cadence, energy consumption, battery level of sensors
• Weather preview
• S-Pedelec profile

Choose your outdoor adventure

Expand the Falk Outdoor Navigator app with more regions and start your own personal adventure. You can choose from various individual regions or whole country packages. These can easily be acquired by in-app purchase.

  • Starter package
  • Do you have downloaded the free version of the Falk Outdoor Navigator app?

    By downloading the free outdoor Falk Navigator app you get the region in which you find yourself least at the time of download for free.

    (Map tile in the size of about 60x60km.)

  • Free
  • Individual regions
  • Do you plan your adventure in a certain region?

    Choose from different regions the most suitable for you.

    At your disposal are currently Germany-North, -East, -South, -West, Austria-East and -West and Italy-North, -Middle, -South and Italy Islands.**

  • 4,99
  • Country packages
  • Do you like to explore a whole country or are you a frequent traveler?

    Then choose the right destination from various destinations and save real cash.

    Currently available are Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy.**

  • from 1,99
  • Europe package
  • You would like to discover different countries in Europe?

    With the download you get a lot of different destinations all over Europe for one complete price.

    The following countries are included in the European package: D, A, CH, LIE, B, NL, LUX, DK, S, N, FIN, ISL, PL, CZW, HUN, HRV, BUL, I, V, RSM, Mc, F, AND, ESP, GBZ.

  • 29,99

** Further regions and countries will follow soon.

As soon as you have chosen an individual region or a country package, you will start benefiting from lots of premium functions:

  • Circuit routing
  • Alternative routes
  • Create personalisable activity profiles
  • Create waypoints

Share your outdoor adventure with friends

Record your activities and share them with friends via social networks or follow GPX tracks from the Falk Tour Portal!


Any questions?

Questions about the operating system

For which operating systems is the Falk Outdoor Navigator app available?

  • For all operating systems from Android 4.0
  • The Falk Outdoor Navigator app is currently not available for the Windows Phone and iOS operating systems
  • Resolutions are supported up to XXXHDPI
  • The app is not designed for tablets

Questions about map material

 What map coverage is available for the Falk Outdoor Navigator app?

  • Map coverage for 27 European countries is planned for the app
  • Initially the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg will be offered
  • The coverage of Europe is currently being completed by Falk Outdoor
  • Maps are updated for their lifetime for free
  • The delivery status of the maps and POIs is at least 2015
  • POIs are also an integral part of the map which is downloaded in each case

What is the mapping basis for the Falk Outdoor Navigator app?

What are offline maps?

  • Offline maps are regional (or Europe-wide) map packages which are available under “My Maps”. They can be used for routing without any data connection

Where can I find map material for my Falk Outdoor Navigator?

  • You can purchase various maps in the “My Maps” section
  • Regional maps are available there starting from 4.99 EUR

Questions about routing

What does routable mean?

  • Routable means that the maps which are on offer can be used for navigating from A to B or A to A.
  • For this navigation, corresponding turn-off instructions are called up and notified to the user by visualisation.

Are the maps of the app routable?

  • All of the maps available for the app are routable.

Can I utilise the app (the routing) abroad without any additional costs?

  • Yes. This is because all maps are offline maps.

What is circuit navigation?

  • Circuit navigation is navigation from a starting point, which can be any point you want, back to this starting point, including turn-off instructions.

Can I enter geocoordinates?

  • Yes. You can enter coordinates. To do this, it is necessary to procure a regional map package.

What geocoordinate formats can I enter?

  • WGS 84
  • Bessel / Potsdam
  • Swiss grid CH 1903
  • UTM

Questions about POIs

What are Points of Interest (POIs)?

  • POIs are points of interest specifically selected because they match your outdoor activity, for example mountain huts

Where can I find the POI?

  • You will find the POI under Destination Entry->Points of Interest

Can I import external POIs (such as campsites)?

  • No. This is not currently possible

Questions about GPX tracks

What is a GPX track?

  • A GPX track is the recorded activity of a tour
  • You can create a GPX track either in the Falk Tour Portal (here is the link to the Tour Portal) or record it with the Falk Outdoor Navigator

Can I record GPX tracks with the app?

  • You can record GPX tracks with the app by pressing the “Record” button on the map view

Where can I store my recorded tracks?

  • You can store your tracks anywhere in the internal memory of your smartphone

Where can I find my recorded GPX tracks?

  • You will find your recorded GPX tracks under the menu item “Tracks” under “Recorded Tracks”
  • To forward the tracks on to friends or acquaintances, simple open the folder “FONA/RecordedTracks” and select and copy the tracks you want there

Can I import GPX tracks?

  • Yes. Under the menu item “Tracks” open the folder icon and then the directory you want

Questions about geocaching

Can I also engage in geocaching with the Falk Outdoor Navigator?

  • No. The Falk Outdoor Navigator application is only suitable for orientation and “outdoor” navigation
  • For geocaching, we recommend the “Geocaching” app from Groundspeak, for example

Questions about battery

How long does my battery last for?

  • This depends on your phone, the applications currently running and the power-saving functions of the app or the phone that are switched on

Power-saving functions of the app

  • You can dim the screen so that you save batter
  • You can switch off vibration navigation
  • You can switch off beep navigation


The main menu and the settings menu consist of buttons. A button is understood to mean the symbols on the screen interface which you can use to operate the menu of the Falk Navigator.

Geocaching is using GPS devices to search for hidden treasure in open terrain. A geocache is a small, usually waterproof container which contains a logbook. In addition to the geocaches stored on the device, there is the option to transfer further caches to the device from the internet.

GPS (Global Positioning System)
Global Positioning System is a satellite-based system for global positioning. It is based on a total of 24 satellites which orbit the Earth and emit signals as they do so. The GPS receiver receives the signals and calculates the current position from the transit time differences between them. To allow positioning, signals from at least three satellites are required. With four or more signals, it is also possible to determine the current altitude.

GPX file
GPX is a standard format used to save tours, waypoints, POIs and geocaches on the device.
A GPX file may contain several individual files such as tracks or waypoints.

JPG/JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)
The JPEG format provides a good quality of image despite compression; the compression levels can be chosen. It is the most common format used for presenting and exchanging pictures on the internet.

POI (Point of Interest)
Point of Interest, these are special destinations such as restaurants, hotels, filling stations and lots more. The associated destination addresses are already stored in the Falk Navigator and can be selected directly instead of entering an address.

A track is a line, for example the route followed by a tour, which consists of several geographic points. Tracks can be self-recorded and are saved in a GPX file.

Tracks and routes consist of several points, waypoints starting from just one position.
This may, for example, be a crossroads or a railway station with specific coordinates.

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