Falk Outdoor Maps

Got lost? Gone wrong? No idea where you are?
Not a problem! The Falk Outdoor maps will help you! They show you at all times where you are, where your destination is and how to get to your destination. And it does so however you want: on foot or by bike, sporty or relaxed, on roads, cycle paths or off road.

Premium Outdoor Map vs. Basic Map Plus
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The Premium Outdoor Map is a fully routable map which has been developed specifically for our products and guides you to your destination entirely in line with your wishes - and this is as simple as the car navigation you are familiar with. You have a choice between sporty or easy, long or short, on roads or off road. You can see the remaining time and distance to your destination at all times and the integrated altitude profile shows what challenge still lies ahead of you. The outdoor POIs offer you information about more than 800,000 points of interest, including special outdoor destinations from KOMPASS such as mountain huts or summit crosses.

The Basic Map Plus is a routable and topographic OpenStreetMap/ OpenCycleMap which is available for 25 countries in Europe. In contrast to the Premium Outdoor Map, the Basic Map Plus features a simplified display of the screens and contains fewer POIs (points of interest such as viewing points or restaurants).

You can of course also plan and navigate along routes passing from a Premium Outdoor Map to a Basic Map Plus. Depending on the country or region, the Basic Maps Plus are more or less detailed.

Country coverage
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Premium Outdoor Map
The Premium Outdoor Map is available for the following countries and regions:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Majorca, Transalpine, Benelux and Northern Italy.

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Basic Map Plus
The Basic Map Plus is available for 20 european countries:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, San Marino, Vatican City, Spain, Croatia, France, Monaco, Andorra, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Gibraltar


Overview of products

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What is the difference between a vector map and a raster map?

All Falk Outdoor maps are vector maps. These are digital maps which are very clearly laid out because detailed information such as street names only appear when you zoom into them. Vector maps are routable and show you exactly how to get to your destination.
A raster map on the other hand is a photo of a paper map and can only be utilised by using assigned coordinates for the navigation. Raster maps are not routable and are therefore more suited to planning than to navigation.